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1. How can I become a KBES member?
To become a member of KBES, follow these steps:-

  • Click Sign Up under button Login.
  • Fill in all the information correctly.
  • Click Confirm & Continue.
Note:- Please remember your member Id no for future transaction.

2. How can I top up my KBES member account credit?
You can top up your member account credit at any of our counters which has the computerized system. Click here to look for our counters where you can top up credit and redeem the Online Ticket.

3. How can I purchase ticket online?
To purchase ticket online, follow these steps:-
  • Log in the website with your member Id & password.
  • Choose your departure location and destination from the website.
  • Choose the departure date and then click " serach now".
  • Choose the time and then proceed to seat number selection.
  • Choose the payment method and then proceed to payment process

4. How can I collect the tickets that I purchased online?
You will be issued a Boarding Code at the end of the transaction. You just need to go to the counter at least 30 minutes before your departure time and give your boarding code to our counter operator. The operator will then print out the tickets that you had purchased online. You may be required to present your IC when you collect your online ticket from counter.

5. Can I purchase any online ticket if I don't have any credit in my member account?
You cannot purchase ticket with our prepaid system if you don't have sufficient credit in your account. However you can still purchase ticket online by using other payment methods.

6. Can I use my member account credit and purchase ticket from any KBES counter?
No. The credit of KBES member account is strictly for purchasing online ticket only.

7. Can I use credit card to top up my KBES member card?

8. What is the minimum balance to be kept in the KBES member account?
There is no minimum/limitation for top up or keeping balance for your member account as long as your member account has enough credit to purchase your trip ticket.

9. How long can I keep my KBES member account credit?
You can keep your member card credit as long as you wish.

10. Can I choose the seat no if I purchase ticket online?
Yes , you can.

11. Can I change or cancel my ticket if I purchase ticket online?
Ticket purchased is not refundable. However, for online ticket that has not been collected you may send your request to change departure date/time for our consideration. Please note that the decision to approve or to reject your request it at our sole discretion. Please send your request to

12. Will I get a membercard after register as KBES member?
No. We do not provide any membercard for member, all transaction will be referred to your member ID.

13. Must I printout of the Boarding Code and show it to the counter when collecting ticket?
No, you do not need to as long as you are able to tell the counter staff correctly your boarding code. Notwithstanding of the aforesaid we strongly advise you to print out a copy of the boarding code.

14. Can I use my credit card to purchase ticket for other people?
Yes. However please register the passenger's name and IC during purchase process.

15. Is there any online service fee?
For payment via Online Prepaid method there is no online service fee imposed. All other types of payment methods are subject to an online fee of 4%. This fee may subject to change without further notice.

16. I have received email confirmation on payment from the payment gateway, but I did not get any Boarding Code.
Kindly forward the email confirmation on payment to us as soon as possible. Please stated in your email the ticket details (date, time, destination and seat no.) you have intended to purchase. Our customer service team will respond to you within the next working day.

17. The system hang during payment process, how do I know whether my payment get through?
All successful payment will receive an email confirmation notice from the payment gateway, namely WEBONLINE. If the payment has been successfully made but you do not get a boarding code, then, this is what you need to do :
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes. Our System will rebook the seat you have selected earlier (provided it is not booked by other user when the seat is realesed after you fail to get the boarding code in the first 20 minutes) and then issue a boarding code for you.
  • Check your Active Ticket in member profile of your account for the boarding code.
  • If you still fail to get the boarding code then kindly send an email, started with your transaction ID (such as : KBES-56TYERD) to for assistance.

18. What is insurance travel protection?
Passenger Travel Protection Scheme (PTPS) is a group personal accident insurance scheme that provides addtional coverage for bodily injury whilst travelling in the bus resulting death or permanent disablement caused solely and directly by accident. Each ticket issued with an insurance premium surcharge of RM0.10 per ticket will enjoy this kind of protection.
  1. Coverage
    - Death or permanent disablement                 RM10,000.00
    - Loss of baggage or luggage (maximum)       RM300.00
  2. Prerequisites for filling a claim
    - Police report
    - Valid bus ticket issued by the company
    - Passenger confirmatiom form
    - Report from doctor (death or permanent disablement)

19. What are the general terms and conditions of ticket?
  1. No request for cancellation or refund of ticket will be allowed.
  2. Ticket purchased is not allowed for change of departure date or time.
  3. Passenger must retain the ticket until reach destination. Passenger must produce the ticket on demand for inspection when requested.
  4. The ticket is only valid for the date, time, origin and destination as stated on the ticket.
  5. No pet is allowed inside the bus.
  6. In the event of bus breakdown, the company reserves the right to transfer the passengers to another bus and rearrangee the seats assignments.
  7. The company shall not be held liable for any losses incurred by the passenger as a result of delayed departure or delay in arriving at the destination.
  8. The company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of the passenger's personal belongings or baggage/luggage.
  9. The luggage shall be loaded onto the luggage compartment of the bus. The weight of luggage shall not be exceeding 15kg or size exceeding60cm x 50cm x 20cm. The company reserves the right not to load the luggage onto the luggage onto the bus if limits above breached.

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